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Law is an area that we need in every aspect of life. Law is applied for a fair solution of problems and problems encountered in business life, private family life and daily life. Law has a very wide coverage. You can collaborate with lawyers who are experienced in the field by addressing multiple topics and become a consultant for a solution. Family law, labor law, inheritance law and many other fields of law exist.

Today, the most widely used divorce law is in the first place. During the divorce process, you can contact the experienced divorce lawyer and complete this process in a healthy and efficient way.

The divorce case is generally divided into two. The divorce type, which is divided into contentious and contractual divorce, usually requires support from a divorce lawyer. In the process of contractual divorce, the parties can best answer questions about divorce with the divorce lawyer. The petition to be prepared or the divorce agreement will be prepared under the guidance of a lawyer without giving any injustice to both parties.

Contracted Divorce Attorney

In the event of a contractual divorce, the parties may discuss their requests with the divorce lawyer and submit such requests to the court in writing and ensure that decisions are taken. In consensual divorce, couples must have completed a year. Couples who have not completed a year can apply to the court if they are going to divorce because of one of the issues specified in the law. As for the contentious divorce, divorce law deals with many topics. Contested divorce with more than one topic should be discussed with the divorce lawyer and support should be obtained.

It should be taken into consideration that during the contentious divorce process which will last for a long time, the two sides survive this process with less harm. Due to the fact that one of the two parties does not want the divorce or the divorce is not accepted by the parties, the contentious divorce process should be carried out consciously in the presence of lawyers and healthy results should be obtained.

There are many general and specific reasons for divorce. Among these reasons are the following. Reasons for divorce according to the law; Adultery, caste to life, very bad treatment of spouses, divorce from the disgruntling spouse, abandonment, mental illness, shaking the basis of marriage unity, contractual divorce and de facto living in the form of separate.

The process of divorce begins with the preparation of the petition. This process continues as the opening of the case and the notification of divorce to the other party. A petition in response to the divorce petition may be between the parties and the divorce process may proceed as a response process. Following this process, a preliminary review hearing may be held. In this preliminary hearing, the witnesses may be accompanied by a divorce attorney, if the parties can be heard, evidence of divorce may be presented or time may be provided for the collection of evidence.

Both the court and the parties may declare their mutual wishes. At the end of this process, reasoned decision is written and notified to the parties. If there is any objection, the appeal authority or appeal authority may be appealed. However, if there is no objection, the marriage bond shall be terminated by the reasoned decision and the family bond shall be reduced from the population directorate.

Divorce Law and Attorney

There are divorce periods specified by divorce law. Divorce accompanied by a divorce lawyer will be terminated in two or three months with the application of the petition and the decision of the divorce. The contentious case ends in ten or twelve months. However, if it is appealed to be finalized in contentious divorce cases, the case may be concluded within the period specified by divorce law, ie eighteen or twenty months. Information should be exchanged with a professional Divorce Attorney.

One issue that should not be forgotten is that the divorce is not fast, but it results in the right and healthy way in both sides. The right divorce is a smooth divorce in which the parties receive and protect their rights. The importance of the party who filed for divorce must be the one with the right claims to prove before the court. One of the most confusing questions is whether the parties come to court in divorce cases. Contracted divorces should also be brought to court and the verbal divorce should be stated in the petition. Divorce law allows the parties not to appear in court during the contentious divorce process. However, the divorce attorney should act as a proxy to the parties.

If a divorce case is filed with the complaint of violence from one of the spouses, there are some things that need to be done. The violent party should then go to the nearest police station. After filing a report at the police station and filing a complaint, he should go to the hospital with officers and receive a report of assault and submit this report as evidence in court.

If there are children in marriage, the parties should first observe the child’s well-being. It is very important for the child to continue his life without being damaged and well affected by the divorce process. In order to avoid this trauma during his / her life, the parties in the divorce process should also meet the common denominator for their children and make the right decision for the good of their children. As a result, the spouses may be separated, but the child does not leave the family. There are custody issues specified by divorce law.

The child’s custody will be decided on the basis of the child’s gender, age, communication with the child, economic situation and social life. The time period between the person receiving custody and the other party to see the child should be as specified by the court. In the following process, the decision can be appealed and custody can be filed for divorce lawyer to get support for this.

After the divorce process is completed, the law sets the period for the parties to remarry. While men can marry immediately, women have a period of time specified by law. This period is stated as 300 days. This period is given to the woman for pregnancy, but this process can be reduced with a report proving that she is not pregnant and the woman can marry at will.

Divorce and Alimony Issues

The issue of child support in divorce cases is very important. With the divorce lawyer you can continue the child support process in accordance with the law. Alimony is given to the party that will be in a difficult situation with the end of the marriage union considering the financial conditions of the other party. Cases of cancellation of child support or increase of child support may be filed. When these lawsuits are filed, decisions are taken by the court considering the situation of the person receiving the child support.

In the case of divorce, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages may be claimed. This compensation may be determined on the basis of the matter causing the divorce proceedings. The party who is more guilty of divorce may pay both the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage to the injured party. Compensation cannot be taken unless there is a lack of divorce on both sides.

In the process of divorce, the issue of property sharing is clearly stated by law. This process is completed as a result of the joint decision of the spouses to share their assets during the contractual divorce process. However, in contentious divorce lawsuits, what happens according to the laws of the subject. Generally, it should be calculated by considering how the common goods obtained during the marriage process are paid. In this way, this process continues without injustice to both sides. If the payment of the fees of the assets is equal, the sharing of the goods is done equally.

The judge has the right to reject the case, but this may be in the manner specified in the law. In disputed cases, the judge cannot reject the case, but the contested cases need to be proved. For more information, please contact Av. You can get information from Kemal Kaya.

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