LAW A rule is to ensure that you take precautions against potential situations without problems, not to prevent damage when problems occur.

A combination of reliable, expert, experienced concepts

The Rock | Kadakoğlu Law and consultancy Office was established by Av. Kemal Kaya in 1997, Turkey’s economic and financial capital, Istanbul-Gayrettepe, in order to provide advocacy services. Since 1997, our office is a consultant of “LAW” and “INVESTMENT”, mainly in the fields of commercial law and business law of the leading national and international organizations. Kaya ı Kadakoğlu Law and consultancy Office is an internationally recognised law and consultancy service Point in the center of Istanbul, the capital of finance and trade.

Our results-oriented services; We are building a high level of sharing with great care as a result of seeing you as a companion, not as a client.


  • To serve the solution in accordance with your expectations, to provide services in a result-oriented manner under the light of the final arrangements,
  • At the same time making a great sense of secrecy and high security without exception to our roadmates,
  • To take all precautions to protect your interests and values,
  • To minimize your potential losses, to monitor, report and notify you about your legal and commercial activities, legal changes and innovations,
  • To be with you in the moments of crisis and protect your values.

Our aspects of interest to you

  • Our team, which specializes in their subjects and also has an academic career, is devoted to departments in their fields of expertise. It offers its services quickly and at every stage by informing.
  • Our client portfolio covers private and public institutions and companies, local and foreign investors and their employees, small and medium-sized companies from USA, Europe, Otaduk and Turkey.
  • We also have a broad portfolio of clients, consisting of employees from all levels of conflict with business laws.
  • In potentially unwanted cases, our entire experience of insurance legislation is offered to your service for refund of any losses.
  • Apart from these, all kinds of mediation and divorce procedures in the framework of the Turkish civil Law, together with the foreign court decisions in Turkey, the recognition and TENFIZ operations are continuing successfully.
  • We offer Global service integrity
  • We offer Global service integrity
  • Our law office; Provides representation services to local and foreign multinational corporations, financial institutions and administrative apartments and offers consultancy and proxy services to them in legal matters.
  • In addition to having critical and important knowledge within the framework of the integrity of Turkish legislation and laws, we have extensive experience and the legal knowledge of various countries and links to these countries.
  • The fact that our team has expertise and knowledge in Turkish and international law constitutes the basis for resolving all your legal and commercial problems. Prevention of conflicts and disputes in national and global terms, and resolving after the occurrence and termination of mediation services in short periods of time.
  • As an experienced team in resolving international legal disputes, we also give importance to intercultural synchronisation and determination of differences.
  • Intercultural communication in the globalizing world; It consists of a variety of staff who have to work together and have different values. Therefore, communication and innovation among individuals with different cultures is becoming increasingly key features for the success of companies.
  • In addition to social abilities, sensitivity and different value systems, views and thought patterns can be understood, and our own values and views of our understanding and to be able to convey the appropriate issues are among the subjects we care about.
  • Our team provides consultancy services to you multilingual; It offers Turkish, German, English and Russian (for now).
  • ‘Re with You
  • Thanks to our close cooperation with our roadmates, we are working on solutions that will make the best of their commercial tasks.
  • We offer the highest level of solutions tailored to you.
  • Besides being different in many workspaces, our team is also a complete team. In this way, we can offer you non-bureaucratic, creative and low cost solutions.
  • Our service integrity
  • What are our “CONSULTANCY” services for Turkish and foreign companies?
  • Our professional “legal consultancy” services in matters involving commercial areas;
  • The process tracking of all disputes regarding violations of the rights of employers and employees is given with great care.
  • Our experience of recruitment contracts is gaining importance in the face of your company and your staff.
  • Trade agreements independent of subject and activity, company marriages, company collaborations, company acquisitions, company shares sales transactions, project partnerships, Joint Venture treaties, all kinds of energy and underground resources Contracts for the purchase and sale of national and global products and services, use-sale-lease-turnover and concession agreements
  • The legislation held by the Ministry of Labour followed by the personnel employment contracts,
  • Short-medium-long business agreements based on the end of the work or performance, and the business contracts (inter-agency agreements for services taken with the staff or Outsource),
  • Evaluation, control and monitoring process monitoring services for Bank, fund and Development agencies before project presentation
  • Residence permits, work permits and citizenship process management Services in Turkey for foreign company employees,
  • Contract process management of marriage and prenatal agreement for foreign nationals in Turkey
  • Cancellation of marriages made by foreign citizens with Turks, management of divorce processes and recognition by Turkish official institutions,
  • TENFIZ processes management of foreign court decisions.
    Purchase of insurance services of foreign companies and employees process management
    Labour and Social security legislation and “PERSONNEL” working contracts, termination proceedings process management
  • Follow-up process and post-termination procedures and process management of all types of contracts before termination

Our “Investment consultancy” services;

  • Securities; determination, analysis, and valuation and performance measurement and reporting, approval of official organizations or process management consultancy services.
  • Valuation reports of real estate assets, Iskan and employment compliance research, short-medium-long term investment valuation analysis, purchase and sales agreements, marketing and mediation duties, treasury and public institution values acquisition Brokerage services. Real estate Research services according to activity.
  • Real estate Consultancy services; Procurement, preparation of lease agreements
  • Investment consultancy in commercial areas (including energy); Market research, market analyses, Scope analyses,
  • Project performance valuations; Investment projects and Business ınvestment plan verification, and bug detection analyses
  • Angelınvestment Operation Management; Angel investors Project investment consultancy Services

Company marriages, mergers, acquisitions, process management

  • Analysis prior to purchase; The company audit reports are given in the above analysis.
  • Establishing, managing, controlling and supervising management and execution organizations after purchase,
  • Creation of payment plans and terms
  • Creation of transfer conditions and management of cycle processes
  • Pre-cycle, transfer process and post-transfer document management, control and supervision services

Şirket Satışı Süreç Yönetimi

  • Pre-sales analyses; Determination of real values in relation to company values
  • Protecting your interests and values during the sales process
  • Identifying and boosting critical points that will affect the sale
  • Transfer process Management

Our service integrity is offered by our expert and experienced team. Our team has the knowledge of the necessary technical and interpersonal expertise, language and business culture for success in the Turkish financial sector.